Hi I'm Jodie...

...and I help women to smash the glass ceiling, get their seat at the table, get their voice heard with credibility, have greater influence & impact and most importantly figure out what they deeply desire, shamelessly declare it and then put themselves first to make it happen.

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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development for women

I want you to live the happy, fulfilling & successful live you deserve.

Your life likely looks great on paper... great job, beautiful house, nice car, couple of fab holidays a year... but it's not quite doing it for you, it's not made you happy like you thought it would... and worst of all, now you feel guilty for not being grateful for what you've got!

Sound familiar?

But behind the scenes; the job is a hard slog, you're exhausted. Your relationship is suffering. If you've got kids they take everything you've got and their needs come first. Your friends are high maintenance and some are even toxic and your mother in law... well, if she digs at you one more time you'll swear...



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Jodie is a breath of fresh air!

She is frank, infectious and fun. She makes the development process enjoyable whilst still stretching & challenging and makes sure she gets you the tangible results you're looking for.

She's so skilful and makes it look easy - she can always role model what good looks like which I love and it makes me feel so empowered to go and put it into action.

Start by getting her book. You can hear her voice when you read it and it really will change your life!


Woman Up

The 21st century woman's guide to owning your space, knowing what you want and desire, shamelessly declaring it to the world and making it happen so you can live a liberated life


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