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The Assertive Bill of Rights

Click on the image to download your very own ‘pretty’ printout of the Assertive Bill of Rights. I highly recommend you frame this and put it up on the wall somewhere prominent to remind you who the fuck you are regularly!


Here’s a selection of the videos that I refer to in the book and also general Woman Up content ones.

Limiting Beliefs

That inner voice in your head can be a bitch sometimes, right? We often either allow it to run riot and convince us of bullshit notions or we try and fight or argue with it – we never win. So, here’s a download worksheet that will walk you through an alternative approach to overcoming those limiting beliefs


Influencing is an underrated skill. Whether it is in your career, business or personal life, it make a huge difference to your happiness, fulfilment and success. Below you’ll find some great resources to help you to boost your levels of influence, including a questionnaire to assess your current skill level, a toolkit and my Top 10 Influencing Hacks!


Here are some fab resources on resilience. First up is a video really explaining what it is. Then you’ve got a mini masterclass, followed by a download guide and a workbook with the self-assessment in. I wonder how resilient you really are?

The Fuck It Philosophy

Too many of us give far too many fucks, don’t you agree? So, to help you give a few less fucks, manage your fuck budget better and have more time, energy and money, take a look at this mini-course on The Fuck It Philosophy. There’s a video module and two downloads to go with it. Enjoy!